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We create and maximize strategic partnerships. Simply put, that means we team up with the international and philanthropic communities to target shared goals.

Our Team: We come from diverse backgrounds in government, philanthropy, nonprofit, and business. From these experiences, we understand the value of collaboration across sectors to drive engagement.

Our Capabilities:

  • Provide advice and consultation to those seeking to partner
  • Facilitate information exchange and learning opportunities
  • Identify partnership opportunities to enhance HUD’s impact
  • Develop plans for collaboration and joint action
  • Capture and disseminate knowledge
  • Coordinate research between scholars, government officials, and practitioners

Partnering across borders and across sectors


The International and Philanthropic Affairs Division (IPAD) creates and strengthens partnerships and conducts research and policy analysis across borders and sectors to assist HUD program offices in achieving their goals.

IPAD’s mission is to foster partnerships and maximize collaboration with the international and philanthropic communities to support HUD’s strategic objectives. Through partnerships, we leverage the resources, research, expertise, and ideas of a network of organizations to improve HUD’s impact in communities.



Sourcing Opportunities and Information Exchange: Gauge needs and desired improvements from HUD offices. Identify opportunities for collaboration with international and domestic partners.

Project Incubation and Partnership Development: Connect stakeholders. Share knowledge and tools. Develop partnership strategies and work plans.

Implementation and Knowledge Capture: Align and leverage resources. Coordinate actions. Inform policy decisions. Communicate lessons learned.




Advice + Consultation


Partnership Development


Knowledge Capture + Dissemination


Facilitate Information Exchange