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Rediscovering Urban America: Perspectives on the 1980s

Report Acceptance Date: 
January 1993 (413 pages)
Posted Date:   
September 7, 2022

A historic essay anthology reflecting on urban 1980s America, prepared at the request of HUD for the actually-scrapped 1992 President’s National Urban Policy Report. The essay titles are: Renewing a Dialogue on Urban America” by Jack Sommer; “Cities and Beyond: a New Look at the Nation’s Urban Economy” by Donald A. Hicks and John Rees; “People in Places: Demographic Trends in Urban America” by William H. Frey; “Inner-City Poverty and Economic Access” by John D. Kasarda; “Housing Markets and Patterns” by Richard Peiser, William C. Baer, and Lee Fairman; and “Policy Perspectives and Possibilities” by Robert W. Poole, Jr., and P. Lynn Scarlett.

This report is part of the collection of scanned historical documents available to the public.