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Public Assisted Housing Occupancy Task Force: Report to Congress and to the Department of Housing and Urban Development

Report Acceptance Date: 
April 1994 (312 Pages)
Posted Date:   
March 27, 2012

Throughout its deliberations and recommendations, one theme about which Occupancy Task Force members agreed was that low-income people should have more housing choices than they do at present. The issue of housing choice, along with many other concerns the Task Force addressed, is complicated by scarcity of resources. The Task Force therefore proposes a number of recommendations aimed specifically at funding and cost issues.

In preparing its repon, the Occupancy Task Force decided that it would be most useful to begin by addressing the sequential tenancy process: the application process, occupancy and eviction. The first stage of this process, during which applicants are screened for eligibility and tenant selection criteria, is an extremely important one in that the applicants who are selected will become members of the resident community and those who are not selected will be denied the opportunity to live in federally assisted housing. Thus, the Task Force spent significant time considering the issues contained in the Application Process Chapter. In doing so, the Task Force balanced the rights of housing providers to choose residents who will fulfill their lease obligations and the rights of applicants to be chosen fairly.

This report is part of the collection of scanned historical documents available to the public.